World War Front lines – Sikh Wars Chapter 2

After an overwhelming response to Saragarhi – Sikh Wars Chapter 1, I have started working on chapter 2. So for those who have been waiting for Chapter 2, news is it is going to be a world war themed game, full of action. We all know that during World wars, countries that were colonies of British empire, their soldiers were pushed to the front lines. And with a hope for freedom of their motherlands, they fought real hard. This game is about valour of soldiers of Sikh regiment of British Indian army.

The work on game has begun, so far so good. It is going to be a top down shooter game. Initially I wanted to go for a third person shooter, but given the team size I have and that we are targeting mobile platform, decision was made. I plan to take graphics to levels Ubisoft, EA games or Bethesda guys are doing these days. Here is Game launch cinematic trailer – 

I am still not sure on how many maps I am going to include, currently I am working on gameplay and controls. 

I would be sharing sneak peaks as I get some things up and running. Till than enjoy Chapter 1 I guess, in case you haven’t finished it. 

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