Mars Surgical Strike : Game launch 2019

Trying my hands in multiplayer zone, I knew it had to be an action packed shooter game. And then there it was. 
It was time for surgical strike on Mars. Year 2050, After India’s successful mission on mars, it had established a colony there. Resource rich mars attracted other counties as well. But someone else, someone not from earth also came for mars. Coming under attack from these hostile aliens, officers on mars beamed for help. Indian army went ahead with a quick surgical strike operation, while it was preparing for a full swing attack. So a small team, from Sikh regiment would bring first onslaught on these aliens. 
Yes, so that’s the story line. And the gameplay involves, visiting various colony sectors and securing them. And then in the end you would visit their base, bring an end to all this. The game has intuitive dual stick shooting controls, you would get a chance to play with fancy guns such as ice gun(that’s my favourite),  plasma gun.

Game Trailer

Here’s a sneak peak from the game. You can see the flying one coming right at you. Shotgun helps in these cases when someone gets too close and you have no time to aim. 

Let me know what you guys think. Though I would be checking your comments on playstore, but you can directly mail me the ideas to make it better. I would go on bug fixing spree soon. Also what next game should we work on. 
More awesome stuff coming soon. Stay in touch guys. 

And I almost forgot : Here’s a link. You can grab your copy for free from playstore. Playstore Downlad Link 

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