Jassa Singh Ahluwalia – 2D Art

When I entered graphics world I was first seduced by 3D graphics and realism, well that’s the dream, right? Designing your own world. When you build an open world game on top of that, makes you feel like the god. 

But it was only recently that I realized the power of 2D graphics and vector art, especially when it comes to mobile games. Well polished  and high performant game is priority. Vector art makes things easier. 

So yesterday I sat down down, tried my hands on it, turns out it’s not that easy. It’s even tougher than 3D graphics, which are more intuitive , and I guess style is the key.  Here is my first 2D art.  It’s of a great sikh general.

Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia
Saradar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

I believe I need to practice more, It’s good if we are in 90s . Would be sharing when I come up with something better.

And yes work on chapter 2 is on pause. No clue when I would start working on that. 

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